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Hi. I'm Jill, as you've probably determined from higher up on my profile. I've been on LiveJournal for six years now and am thoroughly disinteresting, but if you're reading my profile you must be at least semi-intrigued by my online personality, so get ready for some pimpage.

I'm twenty, and I occasionally act it. (You may interpret that comment in any way you please.) I live in pretty much the best city in Canada and am a proud Canadian, although I try to keep it quiet. I love to read and sing, although I do neither as much as I'd like to. I'm a third-year university student majoring in biomedical sciences, which eats up a lot of my time. Because of that whole Canadian thing, I'm a big hockey fan, and I follow my team, the Calgary Flames, with a religious devotion.

My journal is primarily friends-only, but that being said, feel free to friend me at will! If you're interested in reading about the rather boring trivialities of my real life, drop me a line in my Friends Only post or in any of my other public demonstrations. If you don't seem sketchy, I'd be more than happy to add you back.

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